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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's a cold one!  We had a low of -21 last night with a wind chill of -40.  It's still -15, but we have bright sunshine - except for some frost particles that seem to be between us and the sun.  There is a light wind that puts the wind chill to about 26 below.  Fred is out there doing his runs up Jamie and Marie's driveway - he split them up and came in to warm up after three, and has gone out to finish.  I will not venture out until high noon - but it isn't going to warm up much even then; it will possibly get up to zero, but then will go back down for tonight.

Not a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day, but hopefully most folks can stay inside.  We wish you a pleasant day being warm, safe and feeling loved. 

Cousin Ora sent this photo of her bleeding heart bush last spring.  How pretty is that!!
Perfect little hearts on Valentine's Day.

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