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Sunday, February 21, 2016

A little of everything "weather" going on here this weekend.  Yesterday we had a little rain, a little sun, and last night a little snow.  Today the temperature is hovering around 30 degrees and the weather is "undecided," some misty rain, some snowflakes and the promise of more weather to come.

We had an interesting adventure yesterday.  A few weeks ago we had a surprise phone call from a friend we hadn't seen in nearly 30 years.  She had lost her husband a few years ago and told us she had remarried last summer and invited us to visit her and her new husband at their home in  Brookfield.  

We had put their address into our GPS, and allowed ample time, according to GPS, to get there at the appointed 1 o'clock for dessert.  As soon as East Montpelier, we knew the GPS was wanting to route us a different way than what our friend had given us by phone.  But typically, "it will adjust," we said, as we continued towards Montpelier to access the interstate.  It did, but it was insistent that we take Exit 4, not Exit 5 as our friend had said.  Unfortunately, the explicit directions I'd gotten over the phone with Elaine had been left at home, and all I could remember was Exit 5.  Again, "it will adjust," we said, and took Exit 5.  From there we had no alternative, thanks to my memory lapse, so we decided we sorta had to go with the GPS.  The views were spectacular as we headed down to Williamstown Gulf on Route 14.  In Brookfield village, the bridge is closed.  Had we been able to cross the bridge, we would have arrived at our destination within a minute because it was only half a mile away up the hill.  However, we had to find an alternative, and GPS was little help.

We finally found their place, but only after an interesting journey down a really muddy back road that ended in a snowbank because it wasn't plowed all the way, and asking several individuals - only one of whom knew the area well enough to help.  

There was about as much snow on the hills above Brookfield as we have here, but the roads were thawing and very slushy and slippery.  Not quite winter and not quite mud season.  We found this flock of turkeys enjoying the mild weather and sparse snow cover as we headed up one of our "wrong turns."

We had a lovely visit, some delicious mince pie (Elaine is a professional baker) and an added plus was that her son, that we hadn't seen since he was about 10 years old, dropped by.  We were surprised to learn Elaine's husband had connections to Cabot (small world!).  What fun.  

On our return trip, we went into Montpelier and found a car wash to get some of the mud and slush off our car before heading home.  West Shore Road was still very solidly frozen fortunately, so we didn't waste washing the car off.   Spring at Joe's Pond is a bit behind Brookfield - no surprise there, I guess. 

Diane Rossi tells me Larry will be putting the block and flag out for the Ice-Out Contest sometime this week.  That is good news - then we just wait to see what Mother Nature has in store for us.  The ice seems solid enough for now, at least in most places where the fishermen are.  But spring could come any time now - or not.  That's the fun of living in Vermont, especially this winter.

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