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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

We have at least 5 inches of snow!!  That was what I measured earlier this morning, and it has been snowing or sleeting ever since, so there may be a little more buildup.  It's very fine, so doesn't build up quickly, but it's also "mealy," and very difficult to shovel or walk in.  I was wishing I had two ski poles to help balance me as I climbed Jamie and Marie's hill this noon.  I tried to stay in the wheel tracks, but there were 2-3 inches of fresh slippery snow and to top it off, everything looked level but wasn't because the road tilts.  Pretty much a complete white-out that completely threw my gyroscope out of whack.  I made it, but not without some stops to regain my perspective - and do a little mild cussing.  At least I was smart enough to wear my cleats, although in that mealy snow, they weren't a lot of help.  I would have done better with snowshoes.

The good news today is, I have a solution to things breaking down in threes.  This morning Cousin Ora sent an old Irish remedy:  "Break two eggs into a frying pan and cook; then you have broken the curse."  Simple as that - broken printer/scanner + two eggs = three things broken, so no more worries.  We happily had eggs for lunch. 

Road crews are out and working hard to keep things moving on the highways.  Actually, the report is that there weren't many upsets on the commute this morning.  The snow seems to be winding down, and depending on how warm it gets, we may keep getting snow here in the higher elevations, while it will likely turn to rain in most places.  We had a low of 14.5 last night, and my thermometer is still reading only 20 degrees, so no big, quick warm-up here yet.  Incidentally, we may have the Sherwoods on Old Homestead Road to thank for our snow.  Historically, they have brought rain with them when they come to Joe's Pond directly after Christmas for their ski vacation each year.  I believe they arrived on Sunday, and look what happened!  Thank you, Don and Diane - we hope you will be able to enjoy some really good skiing this week.  Don was contemplating water skiing . . . fortunately he probably won't need to resort to that, although the storm isn't over and the Sherwood Rain Curse could still present itself.

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