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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Here's another oddity to add to this Christmastime at Joe's Pond 2015 history - Kate Chatot's honeysuckle bush is blooming!  I'm guessing it won't last long after today, but for the time being, it's right up there with poinsettias and Christmas cacti!
Thanks, Kate, for sharing that photo with us.
Here's what Beaver Creek, Colorado, looks like - that's where Fred's brother, Tom and his wife, Ellie are this winter.  Tom is a ski instructor at Beaver Creek, and  says the snow conditions are excellent there this year.  Tom took this picture yesterday.  Looks like beautiful weather, too. 

This morning we're in a bit of change-over mode.  We are getting some rain, but also there is freezing rain in spots so driving conditions could be a little dicey.  Later on we're expecting some measurable snow, and that may be the start of real winter for us.  We've had so much fun with all the warm weather, some of us will no doubt be sorry to see winter setting in; but there are others who depend on snow to bring skiers, riders and the snowmobile crowd out, and we can appreciate how much snow will mean to them.

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