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Monday, April 27, 2015

Here we are in another rainy day.  It isn't cold, but it isn't really a warm spring "April Shower" type of day, either, and there certainly aren't any Mayflowers around.  I do have some crocuses blooming, though.  Those hardy little bulbs poke through the snow every year without fail and are so welcome!  My daffodils seem to be stopped  at four inches.

I don't have much to tell you about Jane Larrabee.  Garey came home this weekend to rest and expects to go back about Wednesday, we think.  Jane is apparently comfortable and the doctors are still evaluating her.  We will try to keep you informed.

Jane Milne told me they have had a wonderful response from the community regarding the turkey supper benefit for the Larrabees, and many people are offering to help in other ways.  Our Joe's Pond members are rallying - some who live in the Boston area are reaching out to Garey, and others are responding with generous donations.  If you would like to donate, checks should be made to "West Danville United Methodist Womens' Club" and sent to either Dot Larrabee, Treasurer, at P. O. Box 55, West Danville VT 05873; or to Jane Milne, Vice President, P. O. Box 116, West Danville VT 05873. 

We have good news about our resident loons.  We spotted a pair in the first pond on Friday.  There is plenty of open water there, so they will probably find a nesting spot soon to set up housekeeping.  Jack LaGue told me today he saw a pair of loons in back of the islands.  I can't say for sure that these are two separate couples, but I expect since we've had two nesting pairs in the the past, they would probably return to the area on the pond where they had nested before, so it may be safe to say there are at least four loons on the pond.

I haven't had any direct report of bears out and about here, but a black bear cub was spotted in Vershire this morning by one of the CoCoRaHS volunteers in his/her weather report.  I usually stick to reporting temperature, precipitation and wind, so it was fun to see that note.  Did you happen to see in the news items on home page the pictures of the herd of deer swimming in Lake Winnepisaukee?  Fred's brother, Tom, who lives in Laconia, sent it to Fred yesterday.  Pretty spectacular.  Apparently they were "island hopping."  It must be very hard for them to swim with such small legs and feet.  If you didn't see the article and pictures, check it out.

The web cams seem to be working rather well lately.  I haven't checked with Diane lately, but she must have figured out something and got it straightened out.  Remember to use Internet Explorer as your browser. 

If you watch "American Idol" on Wednesday nights, you will recognize the name, Nick Fradiani.  We have been interested in Nick's progress because he is from Gilford, Connecticut, the town where our nephew, Dean and his family live.  This is a notice that the school sent home with Dean's children:   

Likely Town Celebration of Nick Fradiani & American Idol Visit
Dear GPS Community:
As many of you know, Guilford High School alumni Nick Fradiani has been competing on the singing competition television show, American Idol this season. Should he be voted to remain on the show this Wednesday, April 29th, the Town of Guilford will be hosting American Idol production crews and Nick Fradiani in Guilford this Friday, May 1st. A parade and concert in his honor are being planned for that afternoon. Should these events take place, some roads will be closed and large crowds are expected in town. For these reasons, and because we know that many of our students, families and staff will want to participate in the events to support our Guilford High School graduate, we are planning for a regular early dismissal on Friday, May 1st. 
The early dismissal and American Idol visit will take place if Nick Fradiani is voted into the "Top 4" on Wednesday night's American Idol show. We will send an email on Wednesday evening to confirm the status of school on Friday following the results of the show. We will also follow up with additional information about Friday's Town of Guilford events.
Both Guilford Before & After School Care and Suncatchers will be open until 6pm on Friday in the event of the early dismissal. Both programs are able to accommodate additional students on Friday. Please contact Guilford Before & After School Care at (203) 453-0045 and Suncatchers at suncatchersllc@comcast.net to register your children.
There will be a Viewing Party for American Idol at Guilford High School on Wednesday, April 29th from 7 to 10pm. More at Team Fradiani Viewing Party
For more information please link to our website at www.guilfordschools.org
Lorri Hahn
Communications Coordinator
 Now you know a little about some of the preparations and excitement that actually happens when these young performers go back to visit their home towns after many weeks training and performing on "American Idol."  It really is a big event.  We'll be watching on Wednesday to see if Nick is voted through.

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