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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter, Everyone!

I'm afraid the local Easter Sunrise Services were disappointed that instead of a beautiful sunrise, there was an Easter Blizzard Whiteout - at least on Cabot Plain.  I wasn't awake at actual sunrise, which was about 6:30 a.m., but I was at about 7 and I couldn't see the trees at the rim of our back yard it was snowing so hard.  A few minutes later there was a glimpse of sunshine, but that didn't last.  Now, at about 9:30, we have mostly sunshine, lots of wind (of course) and some blowing snow mixed with an occasional snow squall.  Nasty March weather.

Yesterday we went to Waterford to wish our granddaughter, Jo-Ann, happy birthday.  She turned 16.  We had a nice time sort of crashing the party - she invited four girlfriends to share her big day, and although we were also invited, we only stayed long enough for hugs, a little conversation with the young ladies and some birthday cake.  That's Jo-Ann at the far right, getting ready to serve her special-order cake made by Debbie, a close friend of the family who works with her mom at NVRH.   I think that is little sister, Tangeni's head at the bottom of the shot.  She enjoyed hanging with the big girls - and they were cool about having her with them.  I'm sure they appreciated when the grandparents, Debbie and her husband Doug left so they could get back to their girlie stuff and giggles.

As we were driving home, we began to notice big fat robins on bare spots - mostly in St. Johnsbury, but even in Danville there were a few.  They certainly haven't ventured to West Danville or Cabot Plain yet.  No bare ground at all except some mud in the roads, and even that is frozen and covered with snow this morning.  But seeing the robins was reassuring - spring is on the way.  Another sure sign of spring I spotted yesterday was at the very top of a willow tree by our mailbox.  There seem to be some early buds - Fred said it looked more like snow stuck to the branches to him, but I prefer to believe it's pussy-willows. 

We now have two more inches of snow and a total of 23 inches at the stake out back.  Spring seems to be evolving very slowly, but it will come.  The big question now is whether there will be some decent sugaring weatherLooking at the forecast, it doesn't seem promising.  And then there's Ice Out - but not for a few weeks, I'm guessing.

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