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Monday, March 09, 2015

We are experiencing a fairly typical March day with snow flurries, temperature in the low 30's, and gusty winds.  I measured one inch of very light new "fairy-dust" snow this morning, and that makes the weather look worse than it is when the wind picks up and blows it around.  It's really encouraging to have things warming up a bit, though.  Woody can smell spring in the air, but he is only willing to stay outside for short periods.  Even with snowflakes drifting down on him, he seems to enjoy brief outings that let him investigate the progress of approaching spring.  He usually comes in fully invigorated and dashes about the living room for a few seconds, but it doesn't last long, and he's soon back on one of his many beds, snoozing, resigned to more napping and less fresh air for now.

Here is a link to the Danville Town website where you can see the minutes of their town meeting.  It seems their meeting went very smoothly.  Their school meeting took only 1 1/2 hours, and the rest of the meeting was over by about 2:30, with a lunch break.  Good work, I'd say.

I just learned that Dr. James Geer, 82, father of John and David Geer (West Shore Road), passed away on February 12, after a fall on the ice at his home in Pennsylvania.  Dr. Geer had enjoyed  coming to Joe's Pond with family for over 60 years, according to his cousin, Jane Milne.  Our sincere sympathy to the family.

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