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Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's a really pretty day today, but last night we had zero degrees - again!  Right now (8 a.m.) I'm seeing 12 degrees on the shady side of the house.  The sun is beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, and I think it's going to warm up perhaps into the 30's today - may get to 40's in some protected spots, so the sap could run.  I took a few early morning pictures to show how much snow we still have.  And that reminds me - yesterday afternoon I had an e-mail from Tom Dente saying they were getting a snow storm that would deliver from two to four inches.  That's March weather for you - no matter where you are, it can be a trial.

 Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the weather, whatever it is.  No telling what tomorrow will be like.  Things can always get worse and we'll be glad we have the memory of better times.  If tomorrow is better, store that in your memory bank for harder times.  There's an old saying about that sort of thing that I can't remember, but you get the idea.  Be happy!

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