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Sunday, February 08, 2015

    We're getting more snow.  Not exactly what we need, but looks like we're due another foot or snow.  On top of what we already have, that's one heck of a lot of snow.
      If you haven't contacted someone to check the roofs on your camps, it's a good time to do that.  Some roof may be ok if they have plenty of pitch, but even with good pitch, this is a heavy load to carry.  Right now the snow is fairly light because it's been so cold, but it's due to warm up and then it gets a whole lot heavier.
    The Johnson boys are available for shoveling or raking roofs,  and snow blowing, and you can reach them by calling Kevin at 802-274-8048 or Connor at 802-535-408.
    I don't mean to panic anyone, but this is an unusual winter.  It has been snowing here all day.  Fred is out cleaning off some of the snow on our house and garage, even though we have a pretty steep pitch on the main house.  The garage has a flatter pitch on the back side and although it gets the afternoon sun, there hasn't been any sunshine to speak of, and days the sun was out it was too cold for any melting to go on.  So - have someone reliable check your camp and if it looks like you need the roof cleaned off, now is a good time, before the load gets any heavier.

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