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Saturday, February 28, 2015

We are enjoying almost spring-like weather these last couple of days.  After enduring temperatures well below zero nearly every day since Christmas, days with temps in the teens seem moderate and in the twenty-degrees-above range, downright balmy.  Today, like yesterday, we have beautiful bright sunshine, but the air is still really chilly - my thermometers are ranging from 15.5 degrees on the weather station to 12 on the old mercury one outside my office window.  There's a brisk NE breeze that keeps us from getting too giddy about the warmup.  Yesterday the road by our house was slushy with a hint of mud about it.  But of course the zero degree temperature last night made quick ruts out of that.  

Town meeting is next week - a sure sign of spring around here, and normally farmers would be taken time off from sugaring, or at least sugaring preparations, to be at the meeting; but I doubt many of them have been rushing to prepare this year.  And when the weather does turn around, it could be such a drastic change from cold to warm or even hot, there won't be much ideal spring sugaring time.  We'll see.  In the meantime, those of you who live and plan to vote in Cabot but didn't get to go to the public introduction of the four candidates for town clerk this year, may want to see this video Will Walters did of the "meet and greet" session last Wednesday.  Click HERE and be sure your speakers are on.  Will apologizes for the insufficient lighting - it wasn't an ideal setup for video taping.  It does give us a good impression of how the meeting went, and I thank Will for sharing.

A lot of folks around here will be at town meetings on Tuesday - or perhaps you have already done your absentee ballots and sent them in, if you are unable to go to the meeting.  If we don't exercise our right to vote, we really don't have the right to complain about how things turn out.  One vote might not make a difference, but then again, it might.

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