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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Did you see the photo posted on home page of the website?  That isn't the greatest way to capture attention, and not exactly the sort of recommendation we're looking for, but we all know it's no use to argue with Ma Nature, so those of us who live here just accept that winter in Vermont, and West Danville in particular, is not for sissies.  That report didn't even mention wind chill.  The chart I use only goes to -30 degrees and 45 mph, but even at -30 with a wind of 10 mph, which is conservative for West Danville almost any day of the year, the wind-chill temperature would be -59 degrees.  Add that to your picture of "winter at Joe's Pond."

I don't know what the low was last night, but it was warmer than the two or three previous ones.  Actually, I'm losing interest in the temperature.  Any day with a temperature above zero is a good one, and if there happens to be sunshine, like today, it must be spring!   And I'm still betting March will see a big turnaround.  Sure, it could be we'll get all kinds of snow dumped on us, but the temperature has to begin to climb and give us a few days, at lease, above freezing.  Otherwise, we'll probably be looking at another year like 1816, the Year Without A Summer.  

I got this photo from Cousin Ora, sent to her by a friend,  titled, "The Flower Show in Warwick."  Creative, and I bet the sight of these "snow tulips" cheered up lots of folks tired of shoveling snow down there.

Today looks nice here - beautiful bright sunshine and it looks as if the thermometer will get at least into the teens, perhaps by mid-day.  No melting going on, but at least not as depressing as those cold, sunless days that make winter seem like forever.

It's been too cold to think much about the ice out contest, but Diane and I have actually distributed tickets to all the outlets in Barre and St. Johnsbury.  Cabot stores have them and also Diane Cochran at the Walden Stop Inn Shop.  The flag and clock aren't out yet - there's plenty of time for that, and Larry Rossi says he's happy to wait for the weather to warm up before going out onto the ice to set things up.  I checked the temperature at pond level (one of the web cams is focused on a thermometer) and it's reading almost 30 degrees!  The sun has been warming up the Rossi deck nicely.
Diane says I almost always have a colder temperature here than she does - and right now my out back thermometer that always gives a colder reading than any of the indoor/outdoor gadgets, is reading a mere 17 degrees. 

Some of you have asked how Jane and Garey Larrabee are doing - I checked when I was in the store yesterday, and James said Jane is about the same and still at Central Vermont Hospital.  Garey is doing better each day, doing physical therapy and slowly regaining use of his arm and fingers.  Taking turns in the hospital I'm sure is not the way either Garey or Jane expected to spend the winter, but they've surely had a tough one this year.  We wish them both the best.  Cards and messages can be sent to P. O. Box 58, West Danville VT 05873.

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