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Thursday, February 12, 2015

    Another cold night in store for us, but we've only had a trace of snow in the past 24 hours.  A short squall went through this afternoon, but it didn't amount to much.  The forecast is still holding for temperatures way below zero this weekend, though, and that includes being frigid even in the daylight hours.  We're toughened to it by now - so a day like today when it was in the 20s seems like a touch of spring.
    Fred's brother Tom and our sister-in-law Ella are enjoying the races at Beaver Creek going on right now.  Tom sent this photo - that's Ella in the white jacket heading up to the races.  You can see the hillside in the background is bare of snow.  There is plenty in the mountains, but very little in the valleys.  I looked at a weather report on line and they are enjoying highs of 47 degrees and lows in the mid 20s.   I haven't been watching any of the racing events there, but I am aware there have been a couple of skiers out of the Burke Mountain Ski School in competition.
    Things are relatively quiet here - I distributed Ice-Out tickets in St. Johnsbury today and everywhere I went I got the same exclamation:  "Is it that time already?"  I guess not many people are thinking about the ice melting, much as we'd like to see that happening; but there's something reassuring about gearing up the Ice-Out Contest - it's the first sign of spring!  Right now we need that.  Actually, ticket sales are picking up, both in the mail and on line, so other folks are thinking about it, too.  This is the 28th year for the contest.  I think it's safe to say it's an "institution."
    Keep warm and safe, or cool and safe, depending on where you are.  Enjoy the Valentine Day weekend - flowers, chocolates, the works. 

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