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Sunday, January 04, 2015

    We're waiting for our spring weather to turn frosty, but that hasn't happened yet.  We got a lot of snow overnight - about 6 inches or more was still on my measuring board at 9 a.m., and we were getting some sprinkles, so we probably had more than that.  I measured 1.39 in. of precipitation, and it's been raining off and on most of the day - sometimes just misty sprinkles, but other times pretty good showers.  The temperature is at 38.7 as I write this.  We thought it was heading down around 1 o'clock, but instead it went up a bit.  We're expecting it to fall dramatically tonight, but when I was outside a few minutes ago, the rain had stopped.  If it stays dry, roads should be ok, but if we get rain or sleet, we could be in for a nasty night.
    We are wondering where our three turkey friends are.  We haven't seen them all week.  It may be that they have moved on, having picked our area clean of most food.  They did a good job getting all the low-hanging crab apples.  I threw out some failed brussel sprouts for them after Christmas Eve, and I think they got most of them, but we haven't seen them since.  Perhaps they felt the same about the sprouts as everyone at our table.  I roasted them - but they were so tough we really couldn't eat them.  It wasn't that they were under cooked - they were just plain tough.  I suspect they had been around for a while when I bought them and then I kept them a few days before cooking them.  They looked fine - good and firm and green.  Just a bad choice, I guess, but we had plenty of other food so nobody went hungry.  I really hope it wasn't those that discouraged the turkeys from visiting . . . !
    The first meeting of 2015 with the West Danville History Committee is tomorrow.  We didn't meet during the holidays, so there will be lots to go over tomorrow, I expect.  It's going to be a really cold day, according to the forecast, but their building is always cozy and warm. 

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