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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

No letup in the cold weather, but we did have some bright sunshine today.  That makes it not seem so cold.  However, I've been mostly at my computer today digging around in digitized newspapers finding items about West Danville and Joe's Pond.  It's extremely interesting.  I've been at it off and on all week and find it hard to quit, even though it's time consuming and sometimes frustrating; then, just when I begin to get really impatient with finding nothing, some real gem pops up at me and I'm charged up again, rarin' to go.
This is for the West Danville history, of course, and I'll be sharing my findings with the others - they will be searching in other areas - so that hopefully we'll put all the pieces of the puzzle together and have as accurate an account as possible without actual people to interview.  I'm only up to 1905 searching for Joe's Pond information and already I have had to separate the years into three sections because I'm recording so much information.  It gets unwieldy when there is too much.  I'll eventually share some with you, but I'm really just getting started, so need to get more and do some verification first.
     This project has kept me inside and warm during the cold snap - and that is a good thing!  I took some pictures this morning it was so pretty outside.  You can see Woody is content to hang out in the sunshine inside on days like today.  He seems to know it's cold out there, even without sticking his nose out the door to test it.
    If you look closely you'll see the moon about ready to drop behind the trees at the center of this shot.  This is our back yard and the view from my office today.  There has been a little wind, so by afternoon a lot of the snow was off the trees, but it sure was pretty this morning.  Tonight it's already ten below, and still heading down.  We had a low of about -10 last night.  Lots of places were colder, but that's the lowest reading I got.  We're going to probably see -20 before morning, but then we get a warm-up!  Oh, yes, and we got about 4 inches of new snow during yesterday.  My back yard stake shows there are 17 inches on the ground. 

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