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Saturday, January 17, 2015

    Another very cold night to add to our January weather pattern.  It is now minus 9.4 on the indoor/outdoor thermometer, with an overnight low of -13.  The old mercury thermometer outside my office window is reading -14 right now - but that always reads lower than any other thermometers at our house.  Cold enough, for sure, whichever side of the house we're on.  Inside, nice and toasty.
    I have sad news again today.  Larry Rossi and Lauren VanDeren's (Otis Drive) father, Larry, Sr., died yesterday.  He was 96.  I will have a link to the full obituary as soon as it's available.  Mr. Rossi had been in poor health for some time, but even when we know one's time is near, it it always very sad to lose a loved one.  Our thoughts are with Larry and Lauren and their family.  Messages may be sent to Larry and his sister, Lauren, at P. O. Box 307, Woodbury, VT, 05681 

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