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Saturday, November 29, 2014

We have an absolutely gorgeous morning here.  Not a cloud in the sky, dazzling sunshine, but COLD!  Last night's low was 7 degrees and this morning, even with the sun so strong my thermometer is reading only 19 degrees.

 As you can see, the pond is frozen over again.  Diane Rossi reported this morning that the big pond is completely frozen over, too. 

We had a report of a loon stranded in a small strip of open water off West Shore Road, and we have left messages for both Ray Richer and Eric Hanson.  We were unable to reach either of them personally, but I'm sure they will get the messages we left.  We'll keep you posted.  If there is enough of a warming spell later today and tomorrow to open up more water, the loon will be able to take off ok, but they need a long "runway" to get airborne.  Wildlife gets fooled by Ma Nature sometimes, just like humans do.  We'll hope for a good resolution.

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