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Sunday, November 23, 2014

We had a mild day today - in fact, we've lost most of our snow and all sections of the pond are showing only water now.  I think there may be some ice underneath, at least in the first pond and the coves, but not for long.  The temperature has been in the 40's and early this morning there was a little misty rain.  Fred took this picture around noon today. 

We still have snow on the ground and on our driveway, as you can see.  It is very wet and when we walked on West Shore Road, it was slushy and not good walking at all.  There were a number of cars and trucks that went by and we were just lucky we didn't get plastered with slop.  We think we saw Jay Chatot out with his bicycle - that must have been a hard ride.  

I discovered sometime last week that I'd forgotten to put my snow stake out in the back yard, so I took advantage of the mild weather and got that done today.  I was not the only one taking care of stuff late.  We saw some docks being hauled in today, too.  It's a good thing Mother Nature gives us a break sometimes.  

We went for breakfast at the Danville Inn this morning with Bill and Diane Rossi.  It's always fun to go there - we see people we know and the food is really good.  We hadn't seen Bill and Diane for a while although we've kept in touch by e-mail, but that isn't the same as enjoying the company of friends in person.  The only bad thing was that I broke a tooth.  As has happened before, I was eating something soft, this time scrambled eggs.  I've had it happen eating a piece of soft bread, too.  Once it happened when I was eating popcorn - but twice now it's happened at a restaurant.  It's not like I have delicate teeth or something, it's another one of those very annoying "age related" things.  Like everything else that tends to wear out over the years, if you live long enough your teeth begin to crack and fall apart.  It's nothing serious, except I know it will be an expensive fix. 

We had heard that Garey has been out in the store looking for things to do and was making baked beans yesterday - with some assistance; but this morning I saw Jenny in the store and she said she actually made the beans and Garey really isn't ready for that yet.  He's doing well, though, and getting plenty of rest, she said.  His right arm is immobilized while it heals, but he is able to wiggle his fingers, so that's a really good sign, we think.  

The next few days will be busy with preparations for Thanksgiving in lots of households.  This is one holiday when most people will forget their diets and enjoy their favorite foods.  It's also when people think about donating money and/or food to help those less fortunate, and that's wonderful; but I read something the other day that made lots of sense, and that was we might want to wait and give after the holiday - when not so many others are being generous.  Hunger is a reality every day for so many people, and food shelves tend to be overflowing during the holiday week - but then the shelves really need replenishing, so consider making your donations at other times when there is likely a greater need.  The same goes for volunteering - the need is constant, not just during holidays.  

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