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Saturday, November 15, 2014

We got snow, too!  Not like our neighbors out west, but we're white, having received 1.5 inches yesterday and another half inch yesterday and during the night.  It's been cold, too.  The low last night was 19 and even though the sun is out, we haven't warmed up much - it's only about 25 at almost noon, and there's a brisk southwest wind that sends the wind chill down to about 14 above.  It's really pretty outside today - blue sky and the water is sparkling blue (see above), but I bet the temperature is getting down to where we could see a skimming of ice in the next few days. 

Fred was out taking pictures early yesterday morning and I put his with one of mine taken just before the snow came and made a slide show of our new snow

Diane Rossi sent me this picture of some visiting geese.  We don't mind if they make this one of their resting places as long as they keep moving and hopefully forget what a nice spot Joe's Pond is on their way north next spring.

Today is the first day of regular deer hunting.  I expect hunters are delighted to have snow so they can track the deer.  It is quieter in the woods with snow, too.  Deer camps are no doubt filled to capacity this weekend with lots of laughter, smoke, beer and bacon.  I've been told these "hunters" consist of some guys who don't hunt but have expensive guns and mostly play cards; then there are the mandatory "cooks" who prefer a hot stove to cold weather and sometimes bag their buck right from the cabin door; there are the guys who are terrible at cards, don't hunt, but come for the camaraderie and food.  The wives and girlfriends left behind have their own traditions - like shopping and hanging out with their friends.  Deer camp is a tradition nobody should mess with. 

I haven't seen much hunting activity in our immediate area, but I expect there will be some, especially during the weekend.  We usually see lots of slow-moving pickups just before sundown going by with men in orange hats peering out open windows, hoping for a glimpse of a big buck.  Occasionally we'll see a hunter walking down West Shore Road, rifle cradled in one arm - but much of the land here is posted, so unless a deer is crossing the road, the chances of shooting one is slim.  There are so many dwellings in this area, it's not a good place for hunting.  

Here's a cute ditty that sort of tells it all:  Deer Huntin'


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