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Friday, November 21, 2014

Caught with your dock in?

This past week we've learned there are a few docks that are still in the water - well, actually they may be "in the ice" depending on where on the pond they are.  The first pond was completely frozen over yesterday when we went by, and with the thermometer in the mid teens overnight and still only 20 degrees now, I expect the middle pond will be frozen over now.  There is ice forming along the shore of the big pond and most sheltered coves are already frozen over.  

If you depend on someone to get your docks out, better check to be sure it has been done.  Left in over the winter, they can suffer considerable damage and often break loose in the spring and are lost or become a hazard if partially submerged and not retrieved.  There may be a window of opportunity when the weather warms slightly early next week, but it looks like after that it's going to be cold again.

Good luck. 

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