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Sunday, September 24, 2017

We had a great meal from the North Danville Church supper last night.  We got take-out and couldn't believe the amount of food!  And GOOD! 

Today we took a trip to Burtt's Apple Orchard on the road to Cabot.  For us, it's only three or four miles, I'm guessing, over the Plain and almost to Route 215.  As we had suspected, they were very busy.  There were cars coming and going all the time we were there, and whole families in the orchard picking apples, others playing tether-ball or exploring the nearby fields. I took a few pictures while we were there, and we stocked up on apples, cider and doughnuts.  

The orchard has a FaceBook page where they keep visitors up-to-date on what's ready for picking.  Seems to me Greg and Stephanie Burtt have done everything right since the start of the orchard in about 2009.   Greg has added pears and cherries to the orchard, and told me today each year the trees produce more fruit.  

It's a pleasure to see the old Maple Glen Farm being so active and productive.  The farm was a show piece back in the day, and while they were a productive general farm, their maple production was what they were know for.  They had marvelous sugaring-off parties every spring.  Click on the pictures to make them larger.
 This is a picture of the farm in about 1879. The sugar-woods on this farm was used in Alfred Hitchcock's movie, "The Trouble with Harry."  There are several identifiable scenes of Cabot landscape in that movie, taken from the maples on the hillside behind the farm.

The farm was previously owned by Barbara Davis and Bob Davis.  Bob was president of the Cabot Creamery Cooperative; Barbara, ran a successful dairy and maple operation at the farm.  They lived in the house about a mile up the road at the corner of Cabot Plains Road and Bayley Hazen Road.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Joe's Ponders were awakened early this morning by gunshots from the north end of the pond.  'Tis the season - again.  This weekend is a special two-day "Youth Waterfowl hunting season".  The adult water-foul hunting season begins in October.  

If you've enjoyed watching the ducks (and geese) on the pond during the summer, I'm sure being awakened by gunshots and knowing some of those lovely creatures are being killed, may bring a sense of rage within some people.  I know the feeling.  It's always been difficult for me to accept, even though I know it's all part of managing the wildlife population to keep it healthy.  Still . . .

And then there's the close proximity to homes.  Even shooting in the air - that lead shot has to come down somewhere.  There are regulations, but the water is public, and hunting is legal.  We are fortunate that not too many hunters come to Joe's Pond.  Perhaps they realize finding a clear shot with so many homes along every shoreline and in wetland areas makes hunting here less than ideal, so they seek out less populated ponds and lakes.  
Today is again beautiful.  Already it's too hot for me in the sun, but in the shade of our young maple trees, it's quite nice on our deck in the early morning.  This is the  summer we never had, so enjoy.  Don't forget the chicken and biscuit supper at North Danville Baptist Church tonight.  If you haven't already made plans, it's not too late.  It's always a great meal, and this will be a good night to not have to cook!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall is officially here, and what a fall it is!  The weather has been exceptional for the past two weeks, and according to the forecast, it is only going to be more of the same, only warmer.  Temperatures have been in 70s - even close to 80, even here at Joe's Pond.  Bright sunshine and no sign of rain.  Showers have been predicted, but so far haven't materialized.  As soon as the sun drops behind the hill, the temperature drops, too.  It's suddenly 65 degrees and falling, at 5:30 p.m.
This afternoon I had been sitting on our deck, watching the traffic of people coming home from work, when  I happened to glance over the deck railing and spotted some bright yellow fungi growing on a very old cherry tree stump.   That inspired me to grab the camera and take a walk.

Our grape arbor, as usual, had no grapes to harvest.  If there were any that didn't dry up prematurely, I didn't see them.  The birds always get them before I do.  But nearby the grape arbor, we have a mountain ash, and that is loaded with fruit.  I was wondering if birds like those bright red berries, so went on line to find out.  I've never noticed birds at our trees, so thought perhaps the berries are not good for them.  However, apparently birds do like them, especially cedar waxwings.  The berries will sometimes ferment and then the birds get tipsy.  Not only these berries, but other fruit, as well, including apples.  I've heard about cows eating fermented apples and staggering to the barn, but never thought about birds.  Apparently they enjoy "happy hour" sometimes, too.  I'll keep watch.  In the meantime, we're enjoying the weather, foliage, fall flowers and all that goes with it.  I hope you are, too.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Construction Update
Cabot Danville US 2 Reconstruction
FEGC F 028-3(26) C/2
Project Location:  The 1.4 mile project extends along US 2 from Last Road to Danville Hill Road in Cabot. This is a multi-year project with most of the work occurring in 2017/2018. Completion is scheduled for 2019.

Reduced Speed Limit – The posted speed limit has been reduced to 40 mph through the project.  Please reduce speed and use caution traveling through the construction zone.  

An increase in truck traffic can be expected on the project.

Week of September 25th, 2017

US 2 – East (Danville Side) of Goodrich’s Maple Farm

Crews will continue working east of Goodrich’s Maple Farm installing new drainage pipes and excavating the new roadway alignment.  

Alternating one-way traffic will be maintained for a construction package east of Goodrich’s Maple Farm.  Expect short delays.  

US 2 Bridge #88 (Near Folsom Farm) Replacement:  

Work will continue on construction of the new bridge near the Folsom Farm.  Traffic impacts will be minimal at this construction operation.

Traffic – Minor traffic delays can be expected this week.

It is illegal in VT to use any handheld portable electronic devices while driving. The law carries fines of up to $200 with points assessed if the violation occurs in a work zone. 

Contact Francine Perkins, Project Outreach Coordinator, FRP Enterprises, LLC with any questions or concerns with regards to the project at 802-479-6994.  Construction updates are posted at www.roadworkupdates.com