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Monday, August 21, 2017

This came today from Kate Chatot - 

Hi Jane - Yesterday while at the Commodores party our wooden slat beach chair apparently blew off our dock. Please call 563-3033 if you see it.  Thanks,Kate
 If anyone spots the chair - it should float, but will likely not show up well - retrieve it if you can and let Kate know - 563-3033.  That was a strong wind during the races yesterday, so the chair may be a long way away from the Chatot dock on  Sandy Beach Road.  Check your waterfronts, just in case it has lodged on shore.  Hope you get it back, Kate!

Did anyone watch the partial eclipse this afternoon?  We noticed the sun dimmed considerably, but other than that, it was uneventful.  We watched on TV as it progressed from northwest states across the nation, and it was pretty spectacular where it was a total eclipse.  We will apparently be able to view a total eclipse here in 2024.  Looks like that one will be right over us!

And the Winners Are . . . !

Winners of the 2017 JPA Sunfish Races, Bill Hamilton, singles; Lee Erdmann and Charlie Roberts, doubles.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sailing Results for the Season 2017

There was a strong wind for the final race today with a few boats going over but fortunately no one was hurt!  After the race, everyone enjoyed celebrating at Mark and Rosie Smith's where trophies were presented for the Single Division and Double Division.  

The results for the 2017 season are below:  

1              Billy Hamilton                             29 points
2             Jack LaGue                                    28 points
3             Jay Chatot                                      24 points
4             Ray Rouleau                                  19 points
5             Fred Bertrand                                 15 points
6             Butch Bouchard                             13 points
7             Jim Loutrel                                       8 points
8 (tie)    Diane Rossi & Cathy Dodge           7 points
9             Diane Sherwood                               6 points
10           Dottie Noyes                                     5 points

1           Lee Erdman & Charlie Roberts        29 points
2          Joe & Suzanne Cassani                      27 points
3          Rob Stewart & John Hynes                9 points

Thank you all for participating.
Susan Bouchard
 * * * * *
It's been a great sailing season at Joe's Pond - our second annual Sunfish Race after many years without sailing races.  Organizers Susan and Butch Bouchard and Tom and Camilla Dente, with the assistance of lots of other volunteers, have done a great job keeping the races interesting and running smoothly.  We look forward to another successful summer of racing next year.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

What a nice day today - and another nice one expected tomorrow for the Sunfish races. 

Just a reminder for folks who use West Shore Road - a culvert is to be replaced Monday morning just beyond our house going west.  The town did one already on that flat stretch, but there's one more that needs attention.  They will likely have the road open within a few hours, so it shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience. 

We took a walk out past the big field and the pasture on the lower side of the road yesterday, and the cattle were enjoying the cool shade just on the outer fringe of the woods.  They were curious about us, but didn't bother to get up to come and greet us as they sometimes do.  Too hot, I suppose.  They looked very comfortable.

Bill and Monika had an "end of the season" party at camp today.  Both JoAnn and her friend from school who has spent the summer with the family, Edner, will be leaving soon for college.  Edner will be going to a college in New York and JoAnn is heading for Dean College in Massachusetts.  The party also included several friends of JoAnn's from grade school in Waterford - all graduated this year from high school and will be starting a new phase in their lives. 

In the top picture, Aunt Theresa helps steady the boat for the girls while they haul in the tubes.  JoAnn is in one, but I'm not sure who the others are.  In the next picture, that's Edner with the pink life jacket and JoAnn sitting in the blue chair.

Tangeni had several friends there from Waterford School, too - all will be in the first grade when school opens this fall.  I liked thatTangeni sits Indian style in the kayak - both girls were pretty good at paddling and nobody tipped over while I was there.  The parents of the younger girls were there, plus friends of Bill's and Monika's, as well as some of our family members.  It couldn't have been a nicer day for a party like that.  I didn't stay very long - too much energy and excitement!!  I came home and quietly enjoyed a glass of wine on our new deck while Fred had a little nap before supper.  I remember well when my kids were that age and there was always that kind of activity at camp, and it was nice to see young people having fun.  Back then I had a lot more energy than I do now.

These years will be great memories for those kids, and in no time they will be grown up and busy, gone on their way, some with families of their own.  I hope they will come back to "camp" from time to time.  Our family has great memories of summers at Joe's Pond, going back nearly 60 years for my kids, and over 80 for me.  Some things have changed greatly; others not at all.  It's all good.