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Monday, August 20, 2018

Cocktail Party - You're Invited!

Finals, Sunfish Races 2018

From Susan Bouchard:
Here are the results and some photos from the August 19th sailboat race.  The sun was shining and as always, the winds were challenging since there were periods of no wind then the wind would pick up.  We had a great celebration at Mark and Rosie Smith's place following the race where the trophies were presented.  

The Sunfish results for 2018 season are:

Single Division:
1st: Jack LaGue
2nd: Jay Chatot
3rd: Ray Rouleau

Double Division:
1st: Joey & Suzie Cassani 
2nd: Jake Maya Hynes
3rd: Brian Tomas Hynes 

Thank you to all the sailors, our sailing committee and sideline supporters who have helped make this year's sailboat races a success and great fun. A special thank you to Mark and Rosie Smith for their continued support and enthusiasm. Have a good fall/winter and hopefully we'll all be out there again in 2019!  

Susan Bouchard

Saturday, August 18, 2018

I've been making applesauce. Our old apple tree has been loaded with apples - all small and imperfect because we don't spray or do anything else for the old tree - but they make really good sauce.
I don't know exactly why, but the tree has been dropping apples for about a week and the ground is covered. I could not walk under the tree without stepping on little apples today. I was able to find plenty that were good, though, and have made two batches of sauce so far. It always seems like a great idea to freeze it for winter use, but pretty often we forget to get it out to use. Somehow, it is never quite as appealing as when it's fresh and warm, just out of the food mill. We didn't have any last year. The old tree is back to producing every other year now. Fred trimmed out some branches a few years ago and after that it produced a good crop every year, but last year there wasn't a single apple on it. This year the limbs are sagging under the weight.
     I'm enjoying the cooler weather, but the house felt cold and damp tonight, so we turned up the thermostat and let it heat up a bit. I don't think there was a single night this summer that it was too hot to sleep. There is always a cool sort of draft that comes down the hill in back of our house as soon as the sun goes down and with the windows open in the bedrooms, it's always nice and cool. 
     I was surprised we got only a little over half an inch of rain last night (.61 in.). It seemed to me it rained quit a bit, but apparently not. I measured 1.43 in. on Thursday, and only a trace yesterday. I think this rain has helped, but the ground is still pretty dry.
     Tomorrow is the final Sunfish Race here for the season - 1 o'clock. There is a celebration and awards party at the Smith cottage on North Shore Road afterwards. I think the weather is going to be exceptionally good tomorrow. I don't know about the wind, but it could be just about a perfect sailing day.
     Things are winding down here at the pond. A week from today is the final Joe's Pond Association meeting of the season. The End-Of-Summer Cocktail Party is Saturday evening. Call Bill and Bo Keach at 684-3673 or Carmen Gagne at 498-4225 for details. 
     The summer has flown by and it has been a good one - lots of hot days and more to come, we hope. But now it's fair time - Danville Fair is past, Caledonia County Fair is this week, Lancaster Fair is August 30 - September 3, and kids will be going back to school, some next week (!) Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Memorial Day . . . !
     I've been looking for a photo app to replace Microsoft Digital Image Pro10 that I used to use with great success. I've tried half a dozen, but noting measures up to that. The problem is that my computer died back in the spring and we had it repaired and updated and now that app is no longer compatible with my computer. Microsoft does not make an updated app for Digital Image Pro10, but the have all sorts of complicated programs that are advertised to be better, but simply are not. That app was super easy and I used it to clean up old photos all the time. I could erase the age marks and tears, water spots, etc. and make those old relics look almost like new. I hate when stuff like this happens - it's planned obsolescence, but I say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Proposed Work Schedule, Week of 8/20/18, Cabot-Danville US 2 Reconstruction [Cabot-Danville FEGC F 028-3(36) C/2]

Project Location:  The 1.4 mile project extends along US 2 from Last Road to Danville Hill Road in Cabot. This is a multi-year project with most of the work occurring in 2017/2018. Completion is scheduled for 2019.

Work to be performed includes reconstruction, realignment and widening of a portion of US Route 2 including bridge replacement, grading, drainage, sub-base, pavement and other highway related items.

Traffic pattern change and speed reduction to 35 mph from Last Road to Folsom Farm is in effect. Traffic will be using the temporary bridge that was previously installed.

Roadwork will continue from the Goodrich property to Folsom Farm.  Motorists are advised that a new traffic pattern is in place from the Folsom Farm to the Goodrich property. 

Bridge work will continue between Last Rd. and Houghton Road. 

Crews are tentatively scheduled to begin road work at the intersection of Last Road and Route 2. This work will progress westerly.

 TRAVEL ALERT: Motorists are advised that a traffic pattern change will be in effect at the temporary bridge, and the existing bridge will be closed. A speed limit reduction to 35 mph will be in effect at the location of the temporary bridge. The remainder of the project remains at the 40 mph speed reduction. There are increased fines for speed violations within the construction zone.

TRAFFIC INFORMATION: Construction vehicles will be entering and exiting the work zone throughout construction hours, and as a result, alternating one-way traffic patterns with flaggers will be in place. Brief delays can be expected.
Please focus on safety when driving through the construction work zone and remember, it is against the law to use a hand held cell phone while driving in Vermont.
Contact Natalie Boyle, Project Outreach Coordinator, EIV Technical Services, with any questions or concerns in regard to this project at 802-855-3893 or nboyle@eivtech.com

Natalie Boyle
Director of Communications

EIV Technical Services
The City Lights Building
106 East Allen St., Unit 506
Winooski, VT 05404

cell:  802.855.3893
office: 802.497.3653 ext.1037