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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Why We Live at Joe's Pond

Gretchen Farnsworth sent this gorgeous photo of early morning sunrise today saying, "Why we live at Joe's Pond."

We went to Newport to the Eastside Restaurant last night to celebrate our 35th anniversary. It was one of those absolutely perfect evenings - the temperature was just right to eat on the deck (and it was full all the time we were there). Beautiful setting and great food. We were there to watch the sun go down over Lake Memphremagog and it was very pleasant seeing the boats coming and going from the docks. Lots of summer residents arrive at the restaurant by boat - in everything from classic woody inboards and classy ultra-fitted pontoon boats to kayaks. It's always interesting to people-watch there as it's very informal and inclusive. 

We met a charming gentleman and his wife from Barton area -  former farmers turned real-estate developers, there with members of their church for a special occasion of some sort. There were young people, casual and stylish; older folks accompanied by their sons, daughters and grands; single couples; the usual boisterous group gathered at the outdoor bar; and waitstaff rushing with huge trays of food dodging the big umbrellas that offered a little shade from the sun. There were strings of fairy lights overhead, but we left before they were turned on. I imagine it's lovely out there a little later in the evening, too, but it also can get very damp and cold by the water - as Joe's Ponders know! 

We also met a woman from Massachusetts who was traveling through to Quebec City with her sister. They were in Newport for the first time and finding it a very interesting stopover. They had not been this far north before.

I'm watching a big robin perched on the edge of my percipitation tube out on the back lawn. They perch there, listening for movement in the ground beneath and then swoop down to retrieve a bug or worm. They are feeding their young now, so are very busy.
It's beginning to rain now, so the worms will be closer to the surface and easier to find.

Sailors, don't forget that the first Sunfish Race is this Sunday - tomorrow - at 1 o'clock. Get in touch with Joe and Pam Hebert if you have questions. We'll hope the weather cooperates!

Friday, June 22, 2018

We were out this afternoon and after seeing mom and babies on big pond we rode out to first pond and saw Mom, Dad and 2 new babies there.  Only got pic of Mom & babies.
Charlie & Linda Livendale  
Thank you, Charlie and Linda - nice to know we have two loon families thriving this year. We hope all the chicks make it to adults. Nice picture.
Proposed Work Schedule, Week of 6/25/18, Cabot-Danville US 2 Reconstruction [Cabot-Danville FEGC F 028-3(36) C/2]

PROJECT LOCATION:  The 1.4 mile project extends along US 2 from Last Road to Danville Hill Road in Cabot. This is a multi-year project with most of the work occurring in 2017/2018. Completion is scheduled for 2019.
Work to be performed includes reconstruction, realignment and widening of a portion of US Route 2 including bridge replacement, grading, drainage, sub-base, pavement and other highway related items.
Traffic pattern change and speed reduction to 35 mph from Last Road to Folsom Farm is in effect. Traffic will be using the temporary bridge that was previously installed.

Excavation of the existing roadway and placement of select roadway materials  will continue from the Folsom Farm and progress west toward Last Rd. 

Crews will continue to clean up stockpiles and install fill and select roadway materials up to the new bridge east of Folsom Farm.

Demolition and excavation for the new bridge (Bridge 87) between Houghton Rd. and Last Rd. will continue throughout the week of 6/25/18.

Bridge work will begin next week at Bridge 87 between Last Rd. and Houghton Rd.

Ditch grading and top soiling will be taking place from the Goodrich property to Danville Hill Road throughout the week of 6/25. 

TRAVEL ALERT: Motorists are advised that a traffic pattern change will be in effect at the temporary bridge, and the existing bridge will be closed. A speed limit reduction to 35 mph will be in effect at the location of the temporary bridge. The remainder of the project remains at the 40 mph speed reduction. There are increased fines for speed violations within the construction zone.

Construction vehicles will be entering and exiting the work zone throughout construction hours, and as a result, alternating one-way traffic patterns with flaggers will be in place. Brief delays can be expected.

Please focus on safety when driving through the construction work zone and remember, it is against the law to use a hand held cell phone while driving in Vermont.
Contact Natalie Boyle, Project Outreach Coordinator, EIV Technical Services, with any questions or concerns in regard to this project at 802-855-3893 or nboyle@eivtech.com
Natalie Boyle
Director of Communications

EIV Technical Services
The City Lights Building
106 East Allen St., Unit 506
Winooski, VT 05404

cell:  802.855.3893

Yoga Class Notice!

The Yoga classes that were scheduled on Mondays from 9:30-10:30 a.m. will instead be held from 10 - 11 a.m. on Mondays. Andrea hopes to see lots of former students back and welcomes new students. Classes begin on July 9 and will run through August 6. If you have questions, contact  andrea.aimi@gmail.com.

Good Morning! What a beautiful day. Do you know - it was below freezing here last night. I had a low of 31.8 degrees registered on my weather station. I haven't looked at the few indoor plants I have outside - I had no idea it was going to be so cold and didn't cover anything. I don't want to look - and anyway, the damage if any, is done. The best thing is to let the sun warm them naturally and perhaps they will be ok. One is my avacado tree - and I know Fred would be delighted if that gangly beast bit the dust. I, on the other hand, treasure it in all it's crooked, unsightlyness because I started it from an avacado pit years ago. We had it in our bedroom for a long time, but it would randomly drop leaves, which was annoying, and it also went through a period of giving off a very sweet aroma. That, too, became annoying, so I moved it into our back hallway where it continues to annoy by being too large for the spot and interfering with having the door open more than half way. So I put it outdoors a few weeks ago and it loves it. Or at least up until last night, it loved it. It may drop all its leaves now, in which case I may as well discard it. But I'll give it every possible chance to survive.

I'm looking for a special person to go to the town offices to search deeds for the West Danville History book. We have found that the process is thoroughly confusing for us. It's time consuming, and those big books are miserably heavy to carry back and forth from the vault to the research table in the next room. We have asked if we could bring in a card table to set up in the vault when we are researching, but that is not possible. Patty has a day job, so it has been up to Dot and me to try to search, and we don't have the know-how or stamina to do all of what we'd like to. So we need help.

We are very aware that this is something that we really need to get done in order to be able to place where families now long gone lived, and where places of business once were, etc. So we would like to find someone who has the time, energy and know-how to do this for us on a volunteer basis (we are all volunteers on this project). There are perhaps five or six deeds we'd like to have traced at this point. If you have the time and could do this for us, or if you know of someone, it would be greatly appreciated. We will of course give you due credit as a researcher and part of our team. Please get in touch with me at janebrowncabot@gmail.com, or Dot at dlarrabee78@gmail.com.

I'm so hoping to hear from someone willing to spend some time for/with us. Thank you.