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Saturday, December 03, 2016

We are definitely back in winter mode.  I measured 3 inches this morning and there is a crusty base from when the rain showers changed over late yesterday evening.  It's still not awfully cold - 31 degrees, but cold enough so the snow is sticking - to everything!  I expect there will be power outages today.  I haven't heard the news yet, but I suppose there could be power loss in some areas already.   It's snowing quite steadily, and there's a strong, gusty wind that makes a bad combination.

I have two announcements today.  The first is a poster from the Cabot Public Library. 
Kathleen Hoyne
Cabot Public Library
PO Box 6, 3084 Main St
Cabot, VT 05647
Then I received this message from Helen Morrisson who volunteers for the Kingdom Animal Shelter in St. Johnsbury Center:  
Hi Jane,
Could you share the attached poster on the Joe's Pond Blog?
We are having our annual Pet Photos with Santa Paws next Saturday, Dec. 10.  This year, though, it is at the American Legion in Lyndonville, 10-2.  There will be the photos, a bake sale, KAS calendars for sale (if we have any left), raffle tickets for the Twelve Days of Christmas prizes.  Should be fun.
And there you have it.  Click on the images to make them large enough to read easily.  Fun things to do on wintery days!

Friday, December 02, 2016

We're getting some snow tonight, and the forecast is for colder rather than warmer weather.  The pond doesn't seem to be anywhere near the freezing point, although I'm sure that water is way colder than the air has been recently.  A few really cold days and nights will make a difference, but it may not be frozen over by Christmas.  Today the water looked dark and unwelcoming and it seems to me there's nothing gloomier than Joe's Pond on a dull day this time of the year when most of the cottages are closed up.  Of course there's beauty there - the water foul that come and go, the steam coming off the water, low-hanging clouds or snowflakes creating sharp contrast between land and gray-blue water; or mornings when the water is glassy still and the shoreline is perfectly reflected.  The people living year around on the water appreciate the changing seasons, and I'm sure to some extent enjoy the quiet after their neighbors have left; but gone is the hubbub and camaraderie of boats on one side, cars on the other, and interacting with friends and neighbors every day.

Fred and I were observing the quietness of the pond and remembering what it was like when we lived at camp year around all those years (about 18, actually!)  We agreed that whenever we were at camp, then our home, we were grateful for the quiet and chance to recharge from work, so there was never a gloomy day for us.  There were barely any year-around people on the pond then, so we really didn't even have lights across the pond or up the road to break up the darkness.  All we had was quiet and the stars overhead.  It was lovely.  

Sometimes I miss being "right on the water," but mostly we enjoy being "high and dry," surrounded by lots of grass, hills and trees.  We can see lights across the valley on the Route 15 side of the pond, and hear the traffic on Route 15 and Route 2, and from my chair in the living room, I can watch the occasional car or truck pass by and sometimes I even recognize someone.  Used to be we knew just about every infrequent car that passed, but not anymore.  Too many and a different generation.  Times and places change.

It's time to get our outside Christmas lights up - we watch for the decorations at Gerry Prevost's  directly across from us on Davidson Road.  They are usually the first to go up.  I hope they can see ours, although we don't put up anything very spectacular, so they may not even show up from there.  One year we put a ball of white lights at the top of our flag pole and brought it down on New Year's Eve - but that's another story.  It wasn't the great success I'd hoped for - think blowing snow, blow zero temperature and grumpy husband manning the video camera.  Probably won't do that again! 


Thursday, December 01, 2016

We have no more snow except a patch in the pucker brush here and there.  I was kinda hoping that snow at Thanksgiving would stay, but Wednesday night's rain washed it all away.  The weather is mild and we can't complain about that, I guess, but many of us are simply ready for snow to come and stay.

We visited the new Aubuchon store in St. Johnsbury today - just wanted to see what it's all about.  It's very nice - much larger than the old one on Memorial Drive, and nicely laid out.  They are still stocking the shelves, but there are lots of items there - even lumber.  We picked up a few things - a timer for the Christmas lights, and some LED bulbs Fred couldn't resist because the price was really, really good.  There were lots of people milling about - both customers and employees.

We made a short stop at the mall.  J. C. Penny store was busy and there were more cars in the parking lot than usual.  Looks like it may be a good year for retail stores.  Downtown didn't seem to be as decorated for Christmas as I expected, but they are still working on the new sidewalks on Railroad Street, so probably after all the work is done the decorations can go up.  There's still time.

We noticed that the Diamond Hill Store block looks a lot different outside than when Tom and John owned it.  There weren't any decorations outside and at first we thought it was closed, but then we noticed lights inside.  It will be interesting to see how it develops, and we wish the new owners the best.  

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

We are expecting rain today, but at the moment we have 39 degrees and fog.  It's like an April morning except the outlook is for colder instead of warmer weather in our future.  Still, not bad for late November.

I received a long message from Jaquith Library in Marshfield this morning with their winter schedule of events and activities.  Rather than post it all here, you can go directly to their website if you are interested.  Click HERE.