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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Watch the evening news on WCAX tonight - there may be a segment on our little library by the beach in West Danville.  The WCAX crew came today and interviewed some of the committee members who have been working hard to reopen the little library.  The story will also run on the Saturday morning news program.  We will post a link here and on home page as soon as we can get it.

It's exciting to get a preview glimpse inside Vermont's smallest library.  It looks as if the committee did a beautiful job - it's lovely.  I think that is Pam Hebert in the top photo being interviewed.  I'm not sure who is in the bottom picture.  I was wrong - that's Karen Morris in the first picture - Pam is being interviewed below.

These were sent to me by another committee member, Joanne Stewart. 

Don't forget that there's a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the library scheduled for 1 o'clock on Saturday, July 15th - yes, this Saturday!  The library will be officially open for business!

There will be light refreshments and we will be able to see the completed library and all the books that have been collected.  Also, the items to be raffled off in August will be on display along the tops of the book shelves, and raffle tickets will be on sale.

I had a note from Dotty Noyes this morning letting us know she and her grands were fishing up near the islands and watched the loon couple feeding a fish to their chick.  It's good to know that family is intact.

We received the above photo from Linda and Charles Livendale of one of the adult loons and the chick in the big pond.  This was taken on Sunday.   Thanks to everyone for keeping an eye on our loon family.  We hope there will be no more disasters this year.

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