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Friday, July 28, 2017

Homer Fitts always had his finger on the pulse of Joe's Pond, so it should not have surprised me that this week he sent me a link to the Facebook page for  "The Hitmen" - that's the band our middle son, Bob, is with - letting me know they are playing tomorrow night at Prouty Beach in Newport.  Fred and I had made plans weeks ago to go if the weather was good, deciding if the weather turned unfit for enjoying a concert on the beach, we'd go to JPA's Italian Dinner.   The forecast for this weekend is great, so we're off to Newport tomorrow.  However, thank you, Homer - your e-mail with the link to the Prouty Beach party was appreciated.  It's good you still keep track of what's going on with all of us here at the pond . . . !

Do you know that Cabot Village has a new pub - of sorts?  I haven't been there, but it's called "The Den" and opened on Wednesday, the 19th of July.  Jeanne Johnson wrote in the August edition of The Cabot Chronicle, " . . . there wasn't a free bar stool available."  The Den is located in the hardware store that already has a neat little diner - "Sarah's Country Diner" - at the back of the store, overlooking the Winooski River, so the place is kind of a "one-stop-shopping" experience.  I really can't quite imagine how they've fit everything in, but sounds as if it's working.  There is an assortment of weird and wild t-shirts, and lots of the usual hardware store items, so when you go there, plan to spend some time browsing.  

By the way, if you haven't picked up a copy of The Cabot Chronicle recently, I think you'll be surprised at how much good stuff is in that little monthly publication.  Lots about the community of Cabot, including school news, board meetings, local dinners and entertainment as well as advertisements that lead you to businesses and specialized services you might not know about.  The Cabot Historical Society has a column, "Cabot Arcana," written by various members of the historical society.  There are several other regular columns, too -  I especially enjoy "Slim" Payne's "Advice From the Tree Warden." 

The August edition of The Cabot Chronicle is available now - you'll find it at Hastings Store in West Danville, and it's free.    It's on line, too.  The August issue hasn't been posted yet, but you'll find other issues there.  It's definitely worth checking out.

Have you noticed the coolness of the nights this summer?  Great for sleeping, but I don't believe I've ever known a summer to be this far advanced without delivering at least two or three really hot nights when the house never gets cooled down, even with the windows all open wide.  This year I go around every evening closing doors and windows so we won't be uncomfortably chilly in the morning.  We've had the heat on more than a few evenings to take the chill off, and also on a few days when we've had rain and even daytime temperatures never got out of the 60s.  Now that we're almost into August, I know the cool nights are only going to get cooler - so where was summer this year?  I feel like Fall is just around the corner and Summer never really got started.  I'm not complaining - I like the cooler weather.  Just saying - the weather has been strange this year.  Reminder to myself:  It's going to be cool on Prouty Beach tomorrow night.


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