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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Good Morning!
Looks like we've finally got a break in the soggy weather.  Nice sunshine today and the humidity is lower.  Kinda perfect, I'd say.

The water level in the pond is higher than usual due to all the rain we've had in the past few days, but President Tom Dente has been in touch with Green Mountain Power folks, who were monitoring the day yesterday, and the dam is wide open, letting water out as rapidly as possible, so the level should get back to normal soon.  It looks like we're going to have a reprieve from big rain storms, and that is good news.  There will be pop-up showers from time to time, but nothing that should bother activities for the holiday, or raise the pond level significantly.

Gretchen Farnsworth got in touch with me this morning to see if someone is interested in doing a loon count with Eric Hansen on July 15.  Gretchen is not available on that date.  Please contact Eric at  ehanson@vtecostudies.org  if you can help with this.

That reminds me - Pam Heffernan and Nick Flanders have volunteered to do the lay monitoring of the pond.  You may see them out in their boat collecting water samples.  We haven't had sampling done for a couple of years, so we're very happy Pam and Nick will do this.  Sediment in the water is probably high right now with all the runoff and high water eroding the shoreline, but it is important to keep track of the changes, and they will be assisting the experts who make decisions at the state level to help protect the quality of our pond.  Thank you, Pam and Nick.  Perhaps there will be a report at the fall meeting in August.

Bob Noyes at 1559 West Shore Road, has a Malone 6-kayak steel, powder coated storage rack for sale.  It is brand new and assembled.  Bob said he's never used it.  New it was $250, and he's asking $225.  His phone is 508-380-4860 if you are interested. 

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