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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Some days there's just more going on than others, and today has been one of those - that's why the multiple posts.  I always try to check my e-mail before I turn in at night, and tonight there was a nice surprise waiting for me.  Andy Rudin sent these photos taken tonight.  He said he was talking to his wife, Joyce, on the phone when he noticed the sunset, and while still on the phone, went down onto their dock to take a picture.  Joyce told him to turn around and look for the rainbow - and there it was!  I believe our pot of gold will be a nice day tomorrow. Remarkably beautiful, almost makes all the rain today worthwhile.  Thank you, Andy.

We're promised a nice day tomorrow and Thursday, and even warm temperatures.  I hope the ground gets a chance to dry out enough so local farmers can get some work done.  I heard today some have given up trying to plant some crops.  The season is short at best here, and with planting delayed due to the wet, cold weather, there probably won't be enough time for some crops to ripen for harvesting.  I've heard the hay crop is going to be a good one, though.  But like a farmer told me yesterday - even if they could get out in the fields to mow, which they can't because it's so wet, the hay needs some hot, dry weather to dry before it's baled and picked up, and if the trend of mostly rain continues, that just won't be possible.  Could be a tough year for farmers.

On that dismal note, I'm going to retire for the night.  Tomorrow will be a sunny, warm day and we'll all feel invigorated.

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