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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Our weather is getting slightly warmer and we even saw the sun for a few minutes this afternoon, but we aren't getting out shorts and bathing suits just yet.  It's been nice to have a little break, though.

There is a new business in West Danville - at least, I hadn't known about it until I had a call requesting space in the JPA newsletter.  Unfortunately, it was too late for this year, but we do have the business card for "Animal House" on the website. You'll find the card under "services" and then click "miscellaneous."  Dawn and Peter Brittain are just past the railtrail where it crosses Route 2 going towards St. Johnsbury, on the road to the Power Plant - in fact, that's called Power Plant Rd.  Very convenient, and Dawn sounds like an enthusiastic doggie person.  If you need a place to leave your pooch for a few hours or days, stop in and check out the Animal House of New England.

We are hoping to have information about possible detours for users of the rail trail around the construction site on Route 2B.  The maps I've seen don't seem to have any alternative route for hikers/bikers.  I've contacted Ron Gauthier in hopes he will know more about it and will post something here when he gets back to me.  With the weather getting better and more people arriving back at the pond, we know the trail will be used more frequently now.

Ron just got back to me with this:

From what I have been told the trail is closed at the construction site. There is a marked detour to St Johnsbury by roads. Detour maps are available at the sites. The construction will be going on 7 days a week.


I'm also hoping for an update from the committee that's renovating the little library building on the Rail/Trail in West Danville.  I'll post that information here, as well.  

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