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Monday, April 10, 2017

This has been another absolutely beautiful day.  We had a little cloudiness around noon, but now the sun is bright again.  My weather station is reading 68 degrees and it's after 5 o'clock!  We've had colder days in the summer at Joe's Pond!  

The snow has really taken a beating today.  However, there is apparently plenty of ice on the pond.  Henretta Splain saw these ice fishermen out by the islands this morning when she and "Oreo" went for their walk.  This week will probably be the end of ice fishing - the weather is going to be warm all week, according to the forecast.  Nights will cool down - and that means there may still be some good sap runs, at least until the trees begin to bud, which will be soon if this weather holds.  

 Fred and I went to West Danville and Danville this morning to the bank and then went up to deliver the last of the tickets to Henretta. 
We took these pictures - thought some of the Joe's Pond folks who vacate the area each winter might like to see what they're missing.  It was very nice, but of course there's lots of mud and water, so walking isn't as much fun as in the summer - but things are thawing out and coming out from under the snow.  It won't be long now before we'll be at May Meeting - hopefully on a day much like today, but with green grass and leaves on the trees!  Click on the pictures to make them larger.  I hope you enjoy them.

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