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Thursday, March 09, 2017

We got some new snow last night - a little more than 3 inches, and added a little during today.  The temperature has been pretty normal for this time of the year, in the 20s, and this morning there was a lot of wind and blowing snow so there were accidents on the interstates because of whiteouts.  The weather is going to get mean again this weekend with severe cold and lots more wind.  We'll be making more ice at the pond this weekend!  Hard to believe this is it's daylight savings time again!  Remember to set your clocks ahead Saturday night before you go to bed - "Spring ahead, Fall back."

Speaking of spring - here's something for those of you thinking about Joe's Pond, open water and keeping your boat safe.  George Baxter has a really nice aluminum boat lift for sale.  Here's the description -
SHOREMASTER boat lift.  Model #36108
108" wide, can support up to 3600 pounds. Aluminum, well maintained, and presently is at my camp on North Shore Road, Joe’s Pond.

If interested, contact me at: 215-675-6189.  George Baxter

 The lift is shown here after he pulled it out of the water last fall.  I imagine you could see it there now, but I wouldn't recommend going over this weekend - too darned cold!  The wind will be whipping down the pond this and it's no place to be out in the open for very long, believe me!  Unless, of course, you're a hardy soul, then just go for it! Don't those pictures make you think "summer," though??

Not so much this one we took in St. Johnsbury this morning. We stopped by Aubuchon's Hardware in St. Johnsbury today to replenish their Ice- Out ticket supply.  This is the view from the Hastings Hill approach.  You can also enter from Railroad Street.  Nice corner lot with plenty of space, inside and out.  I think the new location may be getting a lot more traffic than when they were up on Memorial Drive.  The sales crew there has lots of the same people as St. Jay Hardware had, and they were enthusiastic about the Ice-Out Contest, so the hype has been transferred, I think.  They are doing a great job, as are Caplan's and Natural Provisions.  I haven't touched base with the Tower - son Bill at Thurston-Dimick Auto Sales keeps them supplied with tickets. 

It's early yet, but Ice-Out is doing pretty well, I think.  Sales will slow with the cold weather back again, but in the next couple of weeks people will begin to realize the end of the contest is near and they better get their picks in.  

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