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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

For those of you who are in  some sunny, warm place - this is probably an appropriate time for you to do a happy dance to celebrate not being at Joe's Pond.  We awoke to blizzard conditions this morning and four inches of additional snow.  The snow has mostly stopped, I think - but it's hard to tell because the wind is still blowing a gale right out of the North.  It's only 15 degrees, so you know it's bitterly cold in that wind - like 4 above zero.  This was all predicted yesterday, and warnings posted that it's going to be this way all day with colder temps tonight.  Perhaps this will be the last hurrah of winter?  Probably not.  I checked the backyard stake and it shows 21 inches of snow out there, so for those of you wondering if the ice has gone out of Joe's Pond - it absolutely has not, and it looks like it will be a few weeks before we see open water.  No worries this year about it going out before April 1st!    

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