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Thursday, December 29, 2016

We're getting the snow as promised.  It began snowing around 9 a.m., just as I went out to measure for CoCoRaHS.  I measured only 3/4 in. that had fallen yesterday and overnight.  It has been snowing and blowing all day and there is hardly any snow on our deck - the wind took care of that!  I'm not sure how much is actually on the ground now, but I'd guess in the area of six inches if you don't measure drifts.  I may be able to tell better tomorrow.  Road crews are still out.  Some stretches of interstates were closed for a few hours during the day, but I think they are clear now.  There are still flurries going on, but I think most of the snow is over until Saturday when we will get a few inches more.  

We have changed our internet service from Fairpoint to Charter, so our old e-mail addresses will no longer work in a few more days.  I can still be reached through the website:  janebrown@joespondvermont.com or at joespondvt@gmail.com, or my personal email address, which has changed to janebrowncabot@gmail.com.   I'm guessing most of you know what a pain it is to change email addresses.  I've done it a once or twice before, but my address book wasn't very big then. Over time I've collected literally hundreds of names and emails that I don't even recognize.  People have contacted me at various times about Ice-Out or questions on Cabot or Joe's Pond history, and I've put their contact information in my address book - but in some cases years have passed and now I don't have a clue who they are.  I am thankful that all my Joe's Pond Association contacts (about 250) aren't being disturbed since I already use gmail for that address list.

We just tried to see if it's still snowing much, and it apparently isn't.  We couldn't see much going on out there, so I think the wind has quieted down, too.  It's a lull between two storms, I think. 


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