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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

We can't complain about today's weather.  It's been in the 20s all day with even a little sunshine.   Fred has our driveway cleared of the two inches of new snow we got yesterday and during the night, and I suppose there will be another sifting tonight.  It's light and fluffy, but can make the roads slippery.  The Town of Cabot has been plowing and sanding regularly, so our roads are good so far.

We haven't seen the turkeys today except this morning Fred saw our neighbor driving slowly past our house towards Route 2 while a large flock of turkeys shuffled down the road ahead of her.  They seemed reluctant to either fly or get into the deep snow on the roadsides.  Eventually they dispersed, but they may have found some other place to feed today.

I saw somewhere on the internet earlier this afternoon that today Amazon.com had delivered it's first package by drone.  I believe it took place somewhere in the UK.  Apparently it isn't something that will happen here quickly - for lots of reasons - but I guess it could be a useful tool in an emergency.  By "emergency" I mean something more urgent than delivering a gift to your spouse last minute because you forgot an anniversary or something.  I can see potential life-saving uses to get medicine, food or other necessities to remote areas.  However, in general, drones could make our lives much more complicated, public and stressful.  None of which we need.

I've been sending out batches of Ice-Out tickets for people who want them for Christmas.  It's such fun to do that - I sent 60 out yesterday and another 50 pre-paid today.  One customer commented on how much fun her family has when they get them in their Christmas stockings.  It's interesting that a $1 ticket can have such an impact.  Some businesses give them to their employees - I hope not in lieu of a bonus! - and others give them to their clients.  As my friend who ordered 60 said, "It's the fun of getting them and being part of the contest."   All of which is good for us and we're just happy to provide the fun!

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