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Monday, December 05, 2016

I just had a call from George Parizo (Sandy Beach Road).  He told me there is a large flock of geese resting in the snow across the pond from them, near the point that is Cove Road.  He said he has seen large flocks of geese flying south for several weeks now and expects this flock is just resting during the snowstorm.  George and Pat have something of a goose gourmet feeding spot off their waterfront.  George isn't sure what sort of vegetation is growing there, but said the geese have frequented that spot often this fall.  Probably word got out and this flock expected to dine there, too, but of course found the pond frozen over when they arrived today.  Tough luck, but after a rest they will be on their way and will find plenty of open water as they move south.

Snow is steady and we've picked up another couple inches, I expect.  I started off to walk, but when I started down our driveway I found there is ice under the snow and even my creepers didn't prevent me from nearly taking a spill.  Fortunately I'd taken my walking stick and that helped save me from going down.  I really don't want any broken bones, so immediately came back inside.  Will get my exercise indoors today.

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