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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Our weather has changed, as predicted.  It's been foggy and mild today so we've lost some of our snow; but tonight we've begun a light mix of rain and snow, so driving will no doubt be messy.  

We have had a number of fairly minor fender-benders on West Shore Road lately.  Actually, two on W. Shore Road and one on Brickett's Crossing Road, just off W. Shore Road.  One happened a week ago Friday by Rossi's, then someone went off on Brickett's Crossing Road, and Wednesday our neighbor, Cecil Metcalf (Deeper Ruts Road), fell asleep coming home in his pickup and went off the road just beyond Randall's driveway, across from our house.  We didn't know
anything about it until we saw the truck over the bank.  The wrecker pulled it out today (B & B Towing and Recovery out of Lyndonville and Brownington) and Cecil said his truck is undamaged - but he broke his nose.  Some kind lady happened to be driving by right after the accident and gave him a ride home.  He had his dog with him, and it is really fortunate neither he nor his dog  was seriously hurt.  He narrowly missed a utility pole and some large trees before landing in pucker brush. 

We also learned that Cecil's wife, Elaine, who many of you know from her selling fresh vegetables most summers, has been quite ill and is now about to come home after being at St. J. Health and Rehabilitation Center.  She will still have a long way to go for full recovery, but it's good she will be able to be at home.  In case you'd like to send Elaine a card, their home address is:  171 Deeper Ruts Rd., Cabot, Vermont 05647.  We wish Elaine a speedy recovery - and Cecil's nose, as well.  Talk about bad luck coming in bunches!

I've been enjoying the Christmas season for a while now.  During the recent campaigning, when most of television was given up to campaign ads or gloomy news I had become really tired of, I began watching Hallmark made-for-tv movies.  You probably know about them - there is no violence or profanity, the meanest people always have a change of heart (or lose the guy) and there's always a happy ending.  Soppy, yes, but I don't cringe, grit my teeth or feel anger as I watch - in fact, mostly I can predict the outcome, but it's nice to know all will turn out just as it should and everyone will live happily ever after.  I sometimes watch the Hallmark Mystery Channel, too - not as bland, but still way better than the violence in the real world or the exaggerated mayhem in lots of today's new movies.  A bunch of new Hallmark movies that came out this weekend, and that's how I spend a couple hours every evening.  No suspense, no tension, just plain relaxation and lots of Christmas spirit.

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