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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I went outside last night to wait for the moon to come up, but after about 20 minutes of standing around watching the horizon, I gave up and went inside.  After the moon was above the hill tops on the other side of Route 15, Fred got this picture (click to enlarge it).  We had hoped to catch it coming up behind the horizon when it always looks so much larger and there are trees that give the shot definition, but we were a little late.  I'll watch tonight, but probably won't catch it at just the right time - if it shows up at all with the clouds that came in this afternoon.

Our day was even warmer than yesterday, but soon after lunch we began to see the clouds rolling in.  We're expecting rain tonight, but after some damp weather for a couple of days, Friday and Saturday look like they will be just as nice as the past few days have been, with temperatures in the 50s.  Next week may cool down a tad, though, and snow flurries are in the forecast.  Hunters and snow sports enthusiasts are going to be happy if we get some measurable snow on the ground.  The rest of us - not so much.

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