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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Gosh, what a beautiful day this has been.  No excuse for not getting out to vote, for sure.  We had voted early, so didn't have to go anywhere today.  Instead, I took advantage of what may be the last of our really warm weather and washed a few windows.  I hate looking through smudged windows all winter.  These were on the back side of the house and were mainly dusty.  They are awning type so I can't get at them handily from inside, but they are nice and clear now, ready for winter. 

Andy Rudin sent me this picture of foliage in his area - he calls it 
"Fall in Philly."  Looks pretty nice there.  Thanks, Andy.  I remember last winter they had more snow than we did at times.  We may not be quite as snow deprived this year.  I keep hearing people predicting we'll have lots of snow to make up for the last couple of years when we haven't had much.  Only time will tell.  With deer hunting coming right up - rifle season begins this Saturday - hunters are going to be hoping for at least a little snow in order to track their deer. 

We recently were asked to put e-mail addresses on the Joe's Pond Association directory that we maintain on our website.  This directory is password protected and for members only, so members feel it's pretty secure.  I have sent a mass e-mail to the JPA members I have in my on-line mailing list, but there are some members who may not be on that list or whose address has changed, so they didn't get the recent e-mails.   If you are a Joe's Pond Association member and you haven't had an e-mail from me within the past week or so, please get in touch with me - janebrown@fairpoint.net.  I'm updating both the printed and the on-line directories, and want to be sure we have correct information.  

We have two new Real Estate For Sale listings on our website - the Lucenti cottage is back on the market; we thought that had been sold, but apparently the transaction fell through.  Also, 83 Island Drive is on the market.

We are welcoming Daniel and Ann Muse of Canton, MA, who have purchased Sheryl Gould's cottage at 60 Narrows Drive.  We will miss Sheryl, but we know Daniel and Ann will enjoy that lovely spot, and Sheryl said she hopes to visit from time to time.

WSTJ listeners will be glad to know that morning announcer Don Mullallay, who had a serious health problem recently, is back home and doing very well.  If all goes well, perhaps we'll soon be waking up to the familiar tones of Don's voice on the radio again.

Polls will be closing soon and we can settle in front of our television screens to watch the returns come in - and find out who will be our next president.  This has been such an unusual presidential race, I doubt anybody has ever seen anything quite like these past months or heard so much nonsense.  Embarrassing as it may be, Americans do have the right to voice their opinions freely, and both candidates have done that.  Repeatedly.  It would be nice to get back to the business of figuring out what's best for our country, and I hope we can reach that point with some civility in place soon.  Of course, we'll be watching closely the gubernatorial race here in Vermont, as well.  It should be an interesting evening.  Enjoy!

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