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Saturday, October 01, 2016

 We have a lot going on in the Kingdom these days.  Tomorrow is Danville's "Autumn on the Green," and check your local papers for other fun events this weekend.

I'm reminding you of the supper a week from tonight because there is limited seating for that one - see the poster above, "Treasure Island Chicken Dinner."

Then of course there's the Cabot Apple Pie Festival the following Saturday (Oct. 15th) and you won't want to miss that.  You'll have time to go from there to the Dime-A-Dip Pot Luck supper in St. Johnsbury, to benefit Kingdom Animal Shelter.  That supper starts at 5 p.m., and you'll be treated to Bill Tobin's music.  Very nice. 

 The weather isn't quite as nice as it has been, but I think you can still enjoy most things, even the outdoor events.  There is a little mist in the air, but no downpour.  The colors in the maples are still nice - perhaps even enhanced by the damp weather.  As you can see, there is lots of color, even on a dreary day.  I just took these a few minutes ago.  Click to make them larger.

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