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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The weather promises to be nice again today - bright sunny start, at least.  The sky seems to be cloudless, at least from my office window.  I think there's some less than perfect weather heading our way by Friday and over the weekend, but not much rain until next week.  

It looks as it it might be chilly for the Autumn on the Green event in Danville on Sunday, but with all the tents and people around, it will still be fun - just wear an extra layer of fleece.  The food will be great and there will be lots to see and neat products to purchase.

On October 15, the Apple Pie Festival in Cabot has lots to offer, too - and that will be in the gymnasium, so the weather is of little consequence once you're there.  If you enjoy baking, enter your pie - or more than one, if you wish - and you could win a great prize, plus the honor of getting a nice ribbon for your trophy wall!  Or if you don't bake, bring home a really delicious home-made apple pie for the family.  There's always lots of great food available for lunch, so plan to spend the day.  Lots to do,  crafts to discover, and something for everyone.

 Karen Morris sent this picture of the morning sky over Joe's Pond.  It was taken last week by their daughter, Monique, who was visiting from Florida.  Really nice photo, and thank you, Karen, for sharing this with us.

We were noticing the increasing color showing up on the hills around the pond yesterday.  The colors are brightening and increasing every day now - and in about a week we should be seeing some spectacular color.  I'm not sure if the color is appearing a little later this year or not.  I don't keep close track of that.  It seems as if Fall Foliage Week was scheduled a little earlier than usual this year and may have missed the best of the color.  It's always hard to predict when the best color will be.  We are seeing more tour buses on the highway now, but they may have to come back in a week or two for the best foliage views. I don't think any of the visitors will be too disappointed, though.  The weather has been so nice, I'm sure they've all enjoyed being here.

We saw Garey at Hastings Store yesterday and he said he has only a few left of those nice throws with the imprint of Joe's Pond - picture on left.  If you want one for a Christmas gift or for yourself, better get in touch with Garey - 802-684-3398.  With so many tourists stopping at the store, they will be gone soon.

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