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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The Vermont Tooth Fairy

Here's another "guest blog" from Amanda.  I think you'll like it!

Yesterday I felt inspired to do some weeding in my flower beds.  I started on the one closest to the house, and successfully removed most of the offending weeds and huge ferns - and hauled out the pressure-treated boards that have been a retaining wall between the bed and the walkway for at least a decade.

It took some major digging to get all the sod from between the rocks where it had grown up between them and the board, but it looked much better when I'd finished, and I smoothed the old mulch along the walkway and swept the field stones clean.  This morning I went out early to view my handiwork.

I found two really big, deep holes in the newly weeded bed and two really big piles of earth on the walkway.  This was not done by our Woody - he covers up after he's dug a hole!  This had to have been done by a skunk - probably looking for grubs that had been dislodged when I hauled out the old boards.   

All is cleaned up now, and I'm just happy Woody didn't tangle with our visitor last night.  Woody has been such a pest these nice evenings if we get him in too early, we've decided to let him hang out for a while - and when he comes into the garage, the kitty door locks so he can't get out again.  He has food, water and a place to sleep safely in the garage.  This seems to work well for him - and for us - at least he isn't howling at our bedroom door, keeping us awake.  Trouble is - the skunk could no doubt get into the garage, too, if he wanted to.  They tend to be very curious, and that might be a really big problem - I'm pretty sure Woody would not want to share his space with Pepe Le Pew.

We are waiting to hear from the family in Africa.  We checked on their flights during the night and again early this morning.  They landed in Johannesburg around 2:30 a.m. our time, and should be in Windhoek now, getting their bearings after the long flight and before driving the last leg of the trip to Oshakati.  They left JFK at least 30 minutes later than scheduled, yet they arrived a little ahead of schedule at Johannesburg.  Unlike some other times they've flown there, this trip was non-stop.  Before they have stopped briefly at Dakar, but not this time.  It was still a 14 hour flight.

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