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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nice picture from Sonja Decker taken yesterday.  She calls is "Fire in the Sky!"
Thanks for sharing, Sonja.  Beautiful shot.
This morning is clear and cool and there was a touch of fall in the air last night.  I know, it's way too early, but last night was in the 40's (44 degrees on one thermometer and a low of 42 on another here).  Great night for sleeping and today promises to be pleasantly cooler for doing whatever outside.  Once we get into August, we can expect more of these cooler nights and warm days.  Another sign the summer is almost gone is that fairs are beginning.  There was one advertised someplace in upstate New York and our local fairs will get going very soon.  Danville Fair is only a little over a week away, on August 6, and from then on it's only days until schools open and our summer is over.  

In case anyone is interested in hearing the Hitmen, they will be at the park at Island Pond Friday evening from 6 to 10 p.m.  Take a picnic and your folding chairs and enjoy an evening of classic oldies.  

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