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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

I'm finally settling down after a very busy couple of weeks - and especially the Fourth of July weekend.   Our Joe's Pond Association Annual Meeting was on July 2, and of course there were the fireworks on the 3rd., then I spent most of the Fourth at the Cabot Historical Society museum.  In between, I needed to pack up the flowers I've been working on and get them ready for the long trip to Namibia, Africa, in time for the wedding on August 18.  I had to wait for the flowergirls' baskets and ring bearer's pillow to arrive so I could put finishing touches on, but everything finally got here in plenty of time and will be on their way shortly.  Now I just hope everything arrives in good condition.  Shipping to Africa can be a problem - often packages simply never arrive.  Monika says the workers at the air terminals sometimes help themselves to anything they want and it's virtually impossible to ever track it down.  FedEx is a reliable carrier, however, and although they will only take the package as far as Windhoek, they have equally reliable carriers that can be relied upon to get it to Oshakati - we hope.  I miss having all the flowers spread out on my dining room table, but on the other hand, it's nice to have the table back, too.  Fortunately, we haven't had any dinner guests while I was in the flower business.

This message came from Steve and Bev Allen:   Our Son found an iPhone under water in the Channel yesterday! If you think it might be yours give us a call to identify it.
Bev and Steve, 563-6048.

Liz Sargent sent me some very nice photos of our fireworks display.  Click on each to enlarge - really pretty, aren't they?  Thanks, Liz for sharing.

I took some pictures of the parade in Cabot on the Fourth.  There were the usual kids on motor bikes and ATVs, horseback riders and old vehicles, all of them really fun to watch.  What I was most excited about was the float with the bell from the Lower Cabot School that was stolen many years ago only to be found years later in a mill pond in Lower Cabot.  By the time it was retrieved, the school had closed and had been sold to Charles and Barbara Carpenter.  I don't know for certain, but I expect the Carpenters kept the bell at the school and it stayed there through a couple more owners of the building.  Now new owners, Dana and Susan Robinson, have completed restoration of the belfry and the old bell will be raised to its proper place on Saturday.  Anyone interested is invited to stop by, watch the raising, have some BBQ and listen to some music as the community celebrates the bell's home-coming.

Here's a little bit of the parade at Cabot:  Click for video.

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