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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

No snow today!  We're back in "spring" mode and looking forward to the rest of the week and weekend being very nice.

Last evening we had a call from Joe's Ponders on Edgewood Avenue that their cottage had been broken into - apparently sometime during the winter.  Strangely, nothing was damage except the lock, and nothing was taken.  However, it this sort of thing was unnerving for them, to say the least.  We haven't heard of anyone else being broken into or having damage over the winter, so perhaps this was an isolated case.  We urged the camp owners to report it to the police, even though nothing was taken.  You never know when something like that is important to a more serious incident.

I went outside this afternoon and gave my peonies a quick sprinkle of fertilizer to get them on their way to better blooms.  I didn't want to stay outside too long because of the black flies.  As long as I keep moving, they usually don't bother, especially if there a good breeze like today.  I should have done the fertilizer routine during those rainy/snowy days, but I had other things to do.

I've kind of lost track of time this week.  For some reason I kept thinking today was Saturday.  I can't imagine why - except that our schedule has been slightly skewed lately because  I veered off our menu pattern.  Let me explain. I've found that when I'm really busy and concentrating on a project it helps to have the menus for each week the same each day, i.e.,  meatless Monday, fish Tuesday, pasta Wednesday, etc.  That way I don't have to wonder what to prepare dinner each night, and it also helps me keep the days straight.  A while back we cooked a turkey breast and I put several packages in the freezer, along with a couple containers of turkey soup.  Those have been all too easy to grab, and consequently, my trusted plan for remembering what day it is by whatever we had for dinner the night before has gone out the window.  In addition, I was getting tired of that schedule anyway, so I've been consciously mixing it up a bit.  I guess I'll have to figure out some other way to tell what day of the week it is . . .  

I really don't have a serious problem - it's just that today seemed like a Saturday.  But salmon steaks with rice for dinner tonight has me back on track, I think.  I may have to sacrifice variety in favor of keeping the days straight when I'm this busy.

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