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Thursday, March 31, 2016

We're in the home stretch now!  Only one day left to get your tickets in - or buy and pay on line until midnight tomorrow, April 1st.   I can say that pretty confidently because tonight's pictures sent by Diane Rossi don't look that much different than this morning's - or last night's, for that matter.  I'm guessing we won't have to call the contest early after all.  With the weekend turning to sudden winter, it may take a few extra days for the block to sink and stop the clock. We'll see what happens.

 We have had a warmish day, but not a lot of sunshine.  There was a strong south wind that made it seem a lot colder than the 50 degrees that showed up on the thermometer.  We had a little rain, too, but that didn't amount to much.  Warmer tomorrow with a few showers and possibly a thunder storm.  Typical April Fool's weather, I guess - but the real April Fool's will be on Saturday when we return to winter.

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