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Friday, January 15, 2016

We had a little more snow yesterday, and today was certainly not spectacular in any way.  Pretty much a typical January day.  It seemed cold, but actually stayed in high teens and low twenties which is fairly normal.

Shelly Walker's new house now has windows!  It looks cozy and I'm sure the carpenters are happy to have it closed in. 

We went to St. Johnsbury today and as we came across Portland Street bridge, we noticed all these pigeons roosting on the wires at the west end of the bridge.  I have no idea why they chose that particular place to hang out, but perhaps there is a warm updraft from under the bridge - just a guess.  We didn't see any others anywhere in town, so that must be the pigeons' preferred roosting place.  Everybody needs a favorite place to be, even birds.  We were very glad to get back to our favorite place - home.  It was raw in St. Johnsbury, and of course the wind was blowing in West Danville when we stopped for the mail.  We are protected somewhat from the wind here, and Woody had kept the house nice and warm for us, and was at the door to greet us.  He's a perfect gentleman, most of the time.

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