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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Just because this is the first full day of spring we need not think we are out of winter mode.  It has been snowing, first lightly, and now quite intensely, since a little after noon.  I don't know how much we should expect, but it looks to me as if it's settling in to be another few inches, at least.  I don't like to check the weather forecast any more.  There's no good news there.  

The only person I've talked to recently who hopes winter will last as long as possible is Ted Chase - he hates to see snowmobiling over with.  I don't think he has to worry - it's going to last a while.  

Some of you will remember that we saw Ted on the web cams skating by Rossi's house back in the fall with his dog.  Well, if you watched the WCAX clip last week - that was Ted with his chocolate lab whizzing by on his snow machine.  Ted finds something wonderful about Joe's Pond no matter what season it is or what weather we're having.  He and Barbara are off on their snow machines like the rest of us go for a ride in our cars.

I do believe the average temperature is beginning to be more normal in the past week or so - not nearly as many zero or below zero nights, but the wild wind has made it feel like below zero some of the time.  We are making progress, though, and people are beginning to think about the Ice-Out Contest - not that they expect the ice to be gone any time soon, but they know the contest will be over in just 10 days.  April 1st is the last day anyone can buy tickets on line, and if you are mailing in tickets, be sure the postmark is on or before April 1st.  Outlets can sell tickets until the close of business on April 1st.  No April fooling about it - after that, we just won't accept tickets.  Tickets are flying out of the stores - we're having to make quick trips to replenish supplies in Cabot and St. Johnsbury - I haven't heard that Diane's outlets over Barre and Montpelier way are short of tickets yet, but I bet they will be.  That's all good news - someone will get a nice check if they guess the right date and time.  Last year it was split between two winners, and we've had up to four in years past who all got the exact date and time right.  It's always fun to see how it turns out.
Tickets are on line, and will be available until 11:59:59 p.m.
April 1.

While we are lamenting the long winter, little guys like this are happily scavenging whatever food they can find to supplement their winter's store, which may be running a bit low by now.  We haven't seen much activity of any kind until the last couple of days when this guy showed up.  He was entertainment for Woody, the cat, for at least a few minutes as hef feasted on the frozen apple; but then he scampered off with it, probably to his den in hope it might soften up a little if he kept it warm - or maybe there are babies he/she needs to feed.  The apple supply is lasting pretty well, unless some partridges or turkeys come through.

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