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Friday, February 20, 2015

    We had lovely sunshine all day today, but the thermometers around Joe's Pond never got out of the single numbers - at least none that I heard about.  Even the one on the back of our house that gets full sun in the afternoon, remained no more than 8 above, and now, with the sun having dipped below the tree line, is resting at zero - again; and the wind has continued.
    However, we are not alone in this cold snap.  I had an e-mail this morning from a friend in Wellington, Florida saying the temperature dipped to 34 degrees last night.  She was relieved it didn't drop below freezing, but even so, that's mighty cold for those parts.
    Karen Cobb, in Lynchburg, VA, sent this:

Minus 11 officially last night here breaking the record. Not much warmer than you currently with forecast of snow/ ice tomorrow. Our interior roads still a sheet of ice which is not fun in a city known as The Hill City!  Good news is that Sunday to bring 46 degrees! Will break out my shorts!
Hoping you get a break up there soon as well.
    By contrast, I heard from Barbara Pollock in Arizona, and I quote:
"I hate to tell you, but we're enduring another 80 degree day here."
          I'm just glad someone is enjoying warm weather.  It has been a year of extremes, for sure, all caused by another polar vortex, according to the weather people.  Lake Champlain was officially frozen over a few days ago, and much of Niagara Falls is encased in ice.   Farmers here who anticipate getting into the woods to get ready for the maple sugaring season are saying it's impossible to work with the tubing as it will crack easily in weather such as this, so they are having to wait for "a warm spell."  The sap isn't going to run until we have a few daytime temperatures in the 40's, with nights below freezing.  If that combination fails to occur, it could be a dismal season for maple producers.  Right now, any reading even close to freezing would be very welcome.
        I stopped at Hastings Store this morning to find out how Jane Larrabee is.  She missed our meeting on Monday and I was told she had the flu.  Her son-in-law, James, told me today she is at Central Vermont Regional Hospital.  They had thought she had the flu and had then developed pneumonia, but the problem is with her heart.  She will be facing surgery, James said, but it hasn't been decided exactly the procedure or where this will be done.  The good news is, Garey is doing well, continuing physical therapy for his arm, and the results are positive.  This has been a really tough year for the Larrabee family.  If you'd like to send Jane a card, the address is P. O. Box 58, West Danville VT 05873.

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