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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Thank you to the reader in Canada for the nice compliment.  Merry Christmas, Linda! 

This picture is in the Vermont Life 2015 Engagement Calendar.  JPA member, Jody Rouleau took it, and Liz (Pearl) Sargent sent a scan of it to me.  Of course Joe's Ponders will recognize it at Pearl Island - formerly Sim's Island and also sometimes known as Joe's Island.  One little island with so many names!  It is picturesque, and Jody got a great shot.  Congratulations Jody on being published by Vermont Life - they are very particular about the photos they accept, I'm told.

Christmas is less than three days away, can you believe it?  It seems like we just had Thanksgiving and there were four weeks to finish up Christmas shopping.  Now I'm into Christmas cookies and wrapping presents.  I took a little time today to put together a slide show with pictures from around the pond - some you've seen, some more recent, but all reflecting the "off season" here at the pond that for those of us who stay here year around, is not "off" at all; rather more quiet than when summer residents are here, and sometimes a challenge, but none-the-less, beautiful.  Click here to see the slides.

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