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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Loon Update

It's been a busy morning trying to resolve the situation of the loon that is trapped without enough water to take off.  We have heard from Evelyn Richer, but not from Eric Hanson as yet.  Evelyn has had some experience, through Eric, with latent loons, and she said it is probably not a good idea for anyone to try to "rescue" the bird.  It would probably dive and come up under the ice where it would perish anyway; if left alone, the ice may melt either today or tomorrow if the temperatures rise and/or the wind picks up and the problem may be solved.  If not, the inevitable will happen, but that's natural for wildlife.

In the meantime, many of you have contacted Evelyn and left messages and she wants to thank you for that.  She has a very busy day ahead and will be away from her phone and computer so will not be able to answer all the messages that have been left for her.  She has asked us to thank you and let you know there really isn't much anyone can do for the loon.

We have also had several calls from people interested in the situation and appreciate the input and offers to help if needed. Unless we hear differently from Eric Hanson or some other wildlife expert, we will let nature take its course. 

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